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Testimonial for James Weinberg

From Elisha, H.S. student:
"I am so thrilled to be one of Mr. James' students! He has helped me come so far in such a short time. Thanks, Mr. James, for being an awesome piano teacher, helping me learn, and pushing me to do my best."

From Barbara, retired V.P. at HCA:
"I have been an adult student with James for approximately 2 years. All my experiences with James have been positive. He is very hard working and always professional in his interactions with me. James has a good sense of humor and has been very patient with me as I try to learn the piano for the first time. I have no hesitation in recommending James. I have been very impressed with his ability to motivate me to continue to improve while providing the tailored instruction that I need at this stage of my life and given my particular circumstances."

From a letter of reference, June 2010:
"Our seven year old daughter began taking piano lessons May '09. I have witnessed Mr. Weinberg's impressive teaching skills with young students. As a parent, I have appreciated the rapport he has established with our daughter. During the school year, we would come straight to piano lessons directly after school. After a full day of sitting in classes, our daughter was naturally very energetic and at times had difficulty maintaining her focus. However, Mr. Weinberg continually offers kind and patient understanding while simultaneously helping her with piano lessons. In short, while we have been offered lessons elsewhere, we are committed to remain with Mr. Weinberg."
--Terre Grable, LPC-MHSP, Licensed Professional Counselor