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Testimonial for Scott Martin

My name is Alpa Patel. My son, Deven Patel, has been taking lessons from Mr. Scott since he was five years old. Mr. Scott comes to my place and teach him how to play keyboard. He is always punctual and prepared for the class. Mr. Scott is also flexible with his schedule. My son has learned to play piano from him really well, and I would recommend Mr. Scott to any other parents.


Testimonial for Scott Martin

Dan Temkin, a former percussion student of mine, writes:

Scott is an extremely dedicated teacher. He is enthusiastic and devoted to the education of his students, and willing to work very hard for them in a way that many teachers are not. Scott isn't just someone doing what he does to collect a paycheck; he is truly passionate about music and about teaching music to other people, and that is why lessons with him are such a rewarding experience.

Scott is a very experienced and qualified teacher who has studied with many renowned professors in both Canada and the U.S. As a result, he brings with him a great deal of pedagogical and general musical experience. Whether you are interested in studying piano and percussion, and whether you are looking to teach or gain experience freelancing, Scott has many years of first hand experience and can give you opportunities as a student that many teachers cannot.

Scott is a very well-rounded musician, and his educational methods aspire to instill similar ideals in his students. In a demanding musical world that requires performers versatile in many areas, Scott is an ideal teacher for young musicians because he brings an uncommon package of being able to teach, perform, and understand many different instruments from marimba, to timpani, to drum set, and piano.

Dan Temkin,
Percussion Major, Rutgers University