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Testimonial for Lee Gellatly

“My wife and I are very blessed to have Lee as the piano teacher of our 3 daughters. Lee is a very patient, fun, kind and competent piano teacher, so it is not really a surprise that the girls are both learning fast and having a great time every week. I wholeheartedly recommend Lee Gellatly to anyone who wants to make sure that his or her kids develop not only a love for music but also their piano skills.” Armindo Fontana

“Lee has a way of explaining terms and techniques to make it simple to understand. Also, she will never rush you and makes sure you understand what your learning before pushing ahead, there’s never any pressure. I highly recommend Lee’s services, it’s never to late to learn!! “ Angelina Cosens, singer/songwriter

“Learning music with Lee has helped me to enjoy music at such a proximity that I have never experienced before. I always wanted to learn music. On the wrong side of 30, with utter absence of any musical talent and uncertain of the musical learning ability, Lee’s pedagogy put me immediately at ease from the very beginning. The progress I have achieved in the past few month with Lee’s attentive instructions has far exceeded my own expectations! Highly recommended!” - Yao Zhang, Civic Employee, City of Vancouver