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Testimonial for Andrea Biedermann


Deborah Choit
B.A., A.Music.L.C.M., A.Mus.T.C.L., A.R.C.T.,L. Mus. T.C.L.,L.T.C.,F.T.C.L.
Theorectical Subjects and Composition

Andrea has been a student for professional enrichment studies in Harmony, Music History and Analysis, and Counterpoint since January 2005. Her extremely hard work and natural abilities gain her exemplary results towards enhancements of her piano teaching skills.
Andrea is a dedicated musician whose goal and dream is a career as a piano teacher. She presently teaches most days each week: and also manages professional enrichment time, and family time with her two children.
Those of us who have seen and heard her perform recognize her musicality and musical sincerity, and her overwhelming desire to learn as much as possible about her music. She truly recognizes all teachers’ need for further music study in order to do her best for her students.
She shows obvious devotion to and pride in her students, and is always eager to find new ways to encourage their progress.
Andrea’s sincerity, ability, dedication, and perseverance will stand her in good stead in her teaching career.
I have no hesitation in recommending her as a fine, kind, creative, worthy teacher, beloved both by her students and their parents, and by her colleagues.
I think that you will always be thankful that you consider her your family’s music teacher.
If I can be of further assistance, please contact me at any time.

Deborah Choit

Testimonial for Andrea Biedermann

“Any teacher who chooses to continue to learn is only going to have that much more to give to their students. As her teacher, I have seen the rare qualities of Andrea Biedermann’s dedication, passion and enthusiasm and her constant quest for excellence. Her students are so fortunate to have her as a role model.”

Dr. Carla Dodek
(Andrea’s piano teacher since 2006)
November, 2008

Testimonial for Andrea Biedermann

Andrea Biedermann has been my piano instructor since 2003. I have always found her to be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and conscientious. She has inspired me to go beyond the fundamentals of the music placed in from of me, and to pursue a more in depth understanding of it. She has given me the ability to uncover the emotion of the music and to understand its underpinnings.

Andrea Biedermann is a consummate professional and I feel fortunate to be associated with her.
Lee Cannon-Brown
Age: 15