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Testimonial for Stephen Demers

“To play without passion is inexcusable!” – Beethoven
Demers Piano Studio

About The Teacher
Recital 2011

To Potential Piano-players' Parents:

I am very happy to recommend Stephen Demers as an excellent
piano teacher, especially for young children. I have known Stephen
for seventeen years, since my second son began piano lessons. Stephen
showed incredible patience with my son, who reverted to crawling on
his hands and knees as he entered the studio for his first lesson.

My son had little talent and lost his desire when he found using
two hands much more difficult than he'd expected (his fingers move
quickly across computer keyboards now, so maybe it helped with that).
When he decided piano wasn't inspiring him, his brother developed an
interest in playing, even though he had thought he would hate lessons
because his music teacher at school was so negative that she was
eventually compelled to retire early. I am so glad that Stephen was
able to show him how much fun playing music can be, and to bring out
the talent he was unaware of!

My daughter also took lessons with Stephen. She started young
and continued even when I wondered if it was valuable, as she
struggled more than her eldest brother. Now that I see her able to
pick out a tune she likes and identify notes on the piano, as well as
play Mozart and Beethoven, Debussy and Chopin (along with a few Disney
songs), I realize the effort was worthwhile. She goes to the piano
when she is bored, and feels she is using her time productively. It's
nice having music in the house.

Attending Suzuki lessons can be a bit more difficult to arrange,
but Stephen is very accommodating and understanding of scheduling
difficulties and my limitations or nodding off at times (it's very
comforting to have a time when work is expected of my kids and not
me!). I am able to discuss the experience with my children, and I
value having had the opportunity to communicate with them as I look
forward to an "empty nest" next year. I definitely believe that it is
worth the effort to introduce children to their potential and the joy
that piano playing can be.

Don't delay - it's best to start young. My sister bought herself
a piano and had lessons when she was in high school, but she relied on
sheet music and her playing never flowed; it was almost painful to
listen to. Stephen has made sure that each piece my children play is
perfected so that it is a pleasure to hear. Their ears are trained in
such a way that no one will call them "tone deaf" like they do me!

I have never seen Stephen lose his temper or berate a child who
didn't practice. He works with kindness and persistence. I have no
reservations about advising you to choose Stephen Demers' Piano Studio
for your own child's benefit. I suggest you attend a lesson and see
the magic unfold for yourself!


Carolyn M. Hoffman
Cambridge, MA

Testimonial for Stephen Demers

Stephen has taught our 6 year old daughter for one year and I am impressed by his patience and desire to make the lesson an enjoyable, learning experience. Our daughter often wants to talk-away half of the lesson but Stephen does a great job guiding her gently back to the task at hand. Now she enjoys tinkering on the piano throughout the day and often practices without being told! What more can I ask for?

- S. Karim

Testimonial for Stephen Demers

Our son, Andrew, has been taking lessons from Stephen Demers since he
was three and a half. For the past four and a half years, Stephen has
done wonders with Andrew. He has the ability to keep Andrew focused
throughout the lessons and boundless patience to help him over difficult
pieces and techniques. Stephen not only teaches his students to memorize
the music pieces, but also the techniques to play the pieces
beautifully. With Stephen's constant encouragement, Andrew has not only
learned how to appreciate music, but also gained the confidence to try
the more challenging piano pieces. We highly recommend Stephen Demers.