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Testimonial for Emily Best

"Emily is currently teaching our five year old daughter and our thirteen year old son. Emily is great at motivating kids and stimulating interest and creativity. Our children look forward to every lesson because Emily makes learning a treat." -Jill B., Vancouver BC

"My son, Alykhan age 7 and my daughter, Khaliya age 5 have been receiving piano lessons from Emily for about 6 months. Emily is truly amazing with them. She is patient and very caring and listens to the kids. She adapts so smoothly to their moods and how they want to learn. However, at the same time she gets them to focus and understand what they are doing and why. Alykhan runs to the piano at least 4 times a day to practice. She has truly inspired him to to learn and enjoy the piano. Khaliya was a bit hesitant but she, too, has taken to Emily's caring and warm nature and is also practicing on a regular basis so she can show Emily what she can do. Emily is an amazing teacher and is an inspiration to both my kids. Regards, Shein R." Vancouver, BC

“Emily has provided our grandson, who lives in our home, with a positive and creative learning experience through his piano lessons. She is patient in teaching him and he has gradually become more enthusiastic in learning to play. Her friendliness and ability to work with resistance as well as restlessness has been important in this beginning stage of learning the piano. Sam is now delighted to play songs for us and never refuses to do his practicing. Thank you, Emily!” Rita D., Vancouver BC

Testimonial for Emily Best