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Alla Love 音乐学校 有限公司 俄罗斯技术

Vancouver BC | V6R 1S2

About me

Three of my students will perform in recital in New York
June 21, 2015

All of my students are exceptional. However, just as in the Olympics a slip of one one one thousandth of a second is the difference between a medal and runner up.

Three of my amazing students have been selected to perform in recital on June 21, 2015 at Carnegie Hall. Jade Wong (8), sister Emerald Wong (13) and Zhiqi Diana Zhou, all from Vancouver Canada are First Place winners in their categories in the Young Mozart’s Piano Competition. This is a crowning achievement for both the students and Vancouver itself. Three gifted students who have worked tirelessly to achieve international standards of success have been justly rewarded for their hundreds of hours of study, practice and preparation for this event.

Emerald was my first student in Canada. Now after 10 years of study, she has 3 lessons per week to include music theory and history. Jade her younger sister is a highly competitive young lady. Striving to overtake her sister, Jade is now First in Western Canada placing First in the Kiwanis Piano Competition. Both Jade and Emerald are extraordinary pianists, expressive with the ability to create emotive movement and contrast from a score. Jade will be the youngest to grace the Carnegie Hall stage. Diana Zhou is without doubt my busiest student. Apart from her straight A achievement in school, she excels in her debating club while her piano studies have attained dramatic levels of virtuosic performance. During March 2015 she performed the demanding Kabalevsky Piano Concerto with the Vancouver Metropolitan Symphony at the Chan Center for the Performing Arts.

I most sincerly congratulate my darlings for their dedication to their studies as the next stage in their musical career awaits warm applause.

Music being both an art and science resonated with me from a very young age. My parents were scientists. My grandparents came from a long line of music professionals performing and teaching throughout Russia. I was born into music. Commencing my musical studies at the age of six in Siberia, my musical life expanded beyond the confines of my boarding school in Chita. I am a graduate of the St. Petersburg Conservatory with Masters in Music (Honors). I was most fortunate to hear and attend master classes from the legendary Sviatoslav Richter during my studies at the Moscow Conservatory. This was well beyond merely “hearing” music. It was well beyond watching technique. It was as if it all were magic. For those of us fortunate to understand even a portion of “the secrets” that the greats possessed such as Anton Rubinstein, Horowitz and Richter (to name only a few)....this formed yet another aspect to my education placing myself and my fellow classmates on a never ending course of discovery.

My inspiration today comes from young minds. My students look forward to their lessons....yes some do not practice sufficiently from time to time.....(we are all human), however their enthusiasm is infectious. Their consistent high marks in exams is proof positive that through their dedication and achievement young minds have the ability to flourish while expanding their interests across the multiple dimensions to include art and literature even to architecture, fashion design and the sciences....quite remarkable how young minds develop. One of my early students has been accepted to Juilliard in New York while another is now studying Physics at Caltech in Pasadena California.

I was honored in 2013 to be asked to perform on the historic Vladimir Horowitz Grand Piano. It was an exceptionally emotional experience to touch a legend, for my hand to caress and play upon the same keyboard belonging to one of the greatest pianists of all time. Here is a link to my interview and short video produced by the Vancouver Sun newspaper [cut and paste into your browser]


Alla Love School of Music™Limited
Alla Love 音乐学校™有限公司

Russian Technique

NOTE: Alla in Russian translates into English and the female name Scarlet (as in the color).

Master in Music Miss Alla Love’s 30 year international experience in Classical Russian Piano Technique creates a unique level in musicianship for young and aspiring students.
音乐大师 Alla Love 有30年俄罗斯古典钢琴演奏技巧的国际经验,

From her exclusive private studio located in Vancouver Canada, she has developed innovative advanced teaching techniques which bridge the language barrier for foreign students.

Music being a language all in itself, students without English or Russian language skills have the ability to develop classical style, form and interpretation together with optimized posture, tone and personality.

Spanning East and West culture, her Asian students progress quickly due to her exceptional personalized teaching techniques.

• Miss Love commenced piano studies at the age of six in Western Siberia Russia.
Miss Alla Love 在俄罗斯西西伯利亚(Western Siberia Russia)的6岁开始学习钢琴。
Later, with further study at both the Moscow and St. Petersburg Conservatories earning diploma as Master in Music, she was appointed Director of the Piano Faculty at the prestigious Chita Professional Institute of Music, the position in which she served for 7 years.
后来,随着进一步的研究,同时在莫斯科 (Moscow) 和圣彼得堡音乐学院
(St. Petersburg Conservatories) 获得音乐硕士文凭,
她在著名的赤塔专业音乐学院(Chita Professional Institute of Music) 被任命为钢琴系的主任,在这位置她担任了7年。
As a member of the prestigious music department at the Mariinsky Theater (Kirov Ballet), her public performances included concerts at the Hermitage, Yusupov Palace, Peterhof Palace and various concert venues throughout Russia.
作为在马林斯基剧院基洛夫芭蕾舞团(Mariinsky Theater Kirov Ballet), 著名音乐系的成员,她曾经在冬宫(Hermitage),尤苏波夫宫(Yusupov Palace),Peterhof宫殿(Peterhof Palace) 和各种音乐会场地散布在俄罗斯的各处公开表演。

With her global experience she participates as a jury member in many piano competitions, which include the prestigious Russian Piano Competition and the Kawai Piano Competitions in addition to providing master classes in Ottawa.

Her students develop international levels of sophistication during the early formative stages in their studies in preparation for local and foreign competitions.

The results speak for themselves, with continuous success won by those who enter and win awards in all age categories in both local and foreign events.

Alla’s students become young and gifted musician’s.
Alla 的學生都成為年輕的天才音樂家。

In depth knowledge of music theory serves as the foundation upon which their musical art form is based.

The Alla Love Technique™ together with the universal language of music instills this priceless artistic gift which harmoniously embraces all cultures.
Alla Love Technique™和音乐, 灌输这和谐及包含了所有文化艺术的无价礼物。

Advanced tuition by audition 高级学费由试镜

Master Classes 大师班

Lesson details

My teaching embraces the traditional form that one frequently may refer to as the "Russian Technique". As a professional musician and Concert Master my students develop the foundation for a solid start to their musical life. Classes are conducted in private one on one between student and myself. My youngest student commenced studies at 3 years of age. She spoke Mandarin. Three years later, her musical abilities were sophisticated for such a young age. Now at 14, Emerald is destined for a fascinating life ahead of her as a skilled young musician.

Due to my accreditation as an Art History Specialist from the Hermitage Museum, there is considerable overlap in the history between the arts and ages which encompasses music. My students develop a relationship between the important in the intimate understanding of how and why musical compositions were created. The history of music is frequently not covered in music lessons. For a student to gain access to this knowledge expands the abilities to interpret a composition. For many years I walked passed Tchaikovsky's house every day in St. Petersburg. One can not help but to share these emotions with ones students. It indeed does make a difference in their understanding, performance and successes in examinations and piano competitions.

Education and Accreditation

*St. Petersburg Conservatory, Masters in Music (Hons) St Petersburg, Russia

*Professional Institute of Music in Chita, Master Piano Teacher Degree

*Moscow Conservatory

*Director Piano Faculty (7 years) Professional Institute of Music, Chita, Russia

*Pianist: Kirov Opera and Ballet Company, Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg

*The Hermitage Museum: Accredited Art History Specialist

*Piano Competitions: Russian International Piano Competition, San Jose California USA



more than 20 years


$60 & up


STUDIO: By appointment

FEES: Beginners- Lessons being shorter are charged at a lower rate

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Teachers Studio


Chamber Music


London College of Music
Royal Conservatory of Music

Instruments and Subjects

theory – analysis
theory – counterpoint
theory – harmony
theory – music history
theory – rudiments

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Type of students

Young Adults



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