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The Path To Piano Learning - Monthly Music Seminar 學習鋼琴之道 : 音樂講座

With the launch of this series, we hope to create an awareness in the general public, which also promotes the profession of piano teaching as a whole.

Program Highlight

1) A set format in each monthly session, lasting for 1.5 hour.
2) A Topic of the Month, relating to piano learning, is selected as the Theme.
3) Each seminar comprises the following learning aspects:

A) Masterclass – Piano Performance
Piano students to perform and they will receive professional advice.
B1) Piano Mock Examination
A specific part of the examination is conducted, provided with critiques and marks.
B2) Little Teachers' Training
Students from the audience to give feedback and critiques after the mock examination.
C1) EASY Piano World
Piano techniques and easy learning steps will be talked about.
Piano Learning is Simple and Easy.
C2) Pieces Demonstration and Analysis
Selected piano pieces to be analyzed, studied, and demonstrated.
D) Complete Musicianship Training – Music Games and Quizzes
Specially designed music games/ quizzes to strengthen musicianship.
Piano techniques will be reviewed.
E) Music Forum – Theme of the Month
Sharing on thoughts, worries and problems related to a chosen topic of interest.
The topic is related to the Misconceptions on Piano Learning.

Topic in February : My Child Has to Practise for a Specific Period of Time every day,
And the Longer the Better.

每月音乐讲座沿用双语 (英, 中语) 进行, 富有教育性和娱乐性。音乐讲座为一个公[开⭒]音乐活动, 欢迎任何有兴趣人士参加, 也包括钢琴教师,学生和家长。提供有系统的资讯和学习好机会。



1 )每月讲座沿用一个确定模式,时间为一倜半小时。
2 )每月选定一个和学习钢琴有密切关系的主题。
3 )每一次讲座具备以下学习环节:

1 )大师班 - 钢琴演奏
钢琴学生的表演, 同时间得到大师教学指导。

2 A)钢琴模拟考试
钢琴考试的一部份作为模拟考试示范, 并且得到评分和评语。

2B )小教师培训
观众席的钢琴学生在模拟考试后, 一起给与意见和评语。

3A )简易钢琴学习法
讨论简易钢琴学习法和钢琴弹奏技巧, 让学习钢琴变得简单和容易。

3B )乐曲示范和分析
为所选奏的钢琴乐曲进行分析和研究, 并且即场示范和讲解。

4 )音乐全能训练 - 音乐遊戏和小测试

5 )音乐论坛 - 每月主题

二月分享主题 : 孩子每天要依据指定时间练习钢琴, 时间愈长愈好