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At the Beach Vlada Mars, solo piano recital

At the Beach
Vlada Mars, solo piano recital

Vlada's dream is coming true to play at one of the most prestigious Vancouver galleries with the support from an artist Foster Eastman and Piano Teacher's Federation. Now, her dream comes true. It is happening:

When: Saturday, November 23 at 7 pm
Where: Buschlen Mowatt Gallery
1445 Georgia Street
Tickets: $20

778 554 6277

About Vlada Mars and the Concert:

The beach is my favourite place. It is the genesis of life, the ballroom of the dancing of the waves, where night gently kisses day at the horizon, where even in a storm we find peace. Over the past six months I composed ten new pieces inspired by the beach and the sea, but also by many hidden stories. Each piece captures a moment in my life influenced by people, dreams and love.
Since the release of my first CD in December 2012, my life has turned in a different direction and through lots of sadness and self discovery I was in search of a new path for me. I rediscovered words through poetry, I rekindled my ideals, and I dreamed anew. Through it all music was and always will be the salve for my soul.

I will be also premiering a new piece 'Life For Mars' composed for me by friend and a composer Frank Horvat.

I want to thank many people who showed me support and encouragement through these times. With their support, I felt the security needed to be able to find new notes and new stories to tell.
Please join me at my personal beach in Vancouver and allow me to share with you new stories and new music.