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A Prelude To The Season of Song: The PTF Winter Recital, 2012

For certain students, the recital is an opportunity to strive wholly toward perfecting that one particular piece of music. And that, without a shadow of a doubt, is reason enough to provide the community of aspiring pianists with a platform, a stage to earn our recognition and praise.

The many rehearsals beforehand allude solemnly to the reverence involved with the mastery of the instrument –and toward the art form as a whole – as each pupil develops their perpetually expanding skill-set through an intense focus that charges the spirit, and the mind.

As a preface to the holiday season, The Piano Teachers Federation sponsored a mash-up of masterpieces and yuletide favourites at The Masonic Centre last Sunday for a turnout of roughly 120 seats. This end of the school year extravaganza - namely, The PTF Winter Recital – can be best described as a thank you from the students to their ever-patient teachers and loved-ones for the steadfast support and encouragement provided as they edge closer and closer to their most melodious purpose: musical excellence, and performance perfection.

The PTF would like to thank and congratulate the Teachers, their Students, and the Organizers for making this year's Winter Recital a spectacular, and in some cases jolly, event.

Happy Holidays From All Of Us At The PTF!