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Exploration into Musical Magnificence: An Insider’s Look at the Mason & Hamlin Piano Company

Exploration into Musical Magnificence: An Insider’s Look at the Mason & Hamlin Piano Company

Last month, select members of Pacey's Pianos flew out to Boston, Massachusetts, for a decorative, complimentary tour of the Mason & Hamlin Piano Company factory.

It was found to be a surprisingly small workshop: a heritage building held together by charming, crumbling brick walls, restored archways, and festooned with well-maintained antique machinery. The factory floor was bustling with ardent employees who all share the Mason & Hamlin vision, a vision that remains virtually unchanged for over a hundred years – to build the world’s finest musical instruments.

Each of the six floors that make up the Mason & Hamlin workshop dedicates itself to its own measure of the piano-making process: the journey through their building was presented like a life-sized cross section, allowing the tourist to bask in each individual stage towards instrumental perfection. With sincere thanks to our expert tour directors, Tom Lagomarsino and Cecil Ramirez, we witnessed the divination involved when creating the world’s foremost magisterial channel of music: the Mason & Hamlin piano.

Their pianos are designed in the same basic character as Steinway & Sons; however, Mason & Hamlin’s handcrafted instruments provide a grander bass and enigmatic treble that is unparalleled. Indeed, Mason & Hamlin do not find their pianos used in the vast markets the same way Steinway & Sons do, but that in no way means they are lesser instruments. The truth is, beyond Mason & Hamlin’s rich and auspicious history, the genuine spirit of Mason & Hamlin rests within their modesty. They build ethically superior musical engines, are proud of their product, but Mason & Hamlin persist silently in their success.

Certainly, Mason & Hamlin pianos are known for their patented Crown Retention System, a device that so brilliantly lends itself to the stability of their pianos, but the composition of their pianos goes beyond their dedication to the finest quality materials, chief-craftsmanship, and innovatory design – as we saw on our tour, the employees and their principals are the reason why Mason & Hamlin pianos are truly the best musical instrument in the world. They are affordable, luxury pianos, and they are made as such so that each and everyone of us can one day experience them.