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An Evening with Natalia Pardalis at Pacey's Pianos

Spend a classical night with
& her trio

Pacey's Pianos
Thursday, October 4 at 5:30pm

An evening of classical jazz performances with a touch of Greek folk music.
No cover!RAFFLE!

Natalia Pardalis's Profile:
Natalia’s mother once taught her, “No musical mistake is a mistake, but rather a journey to create beautiful music”. The singer, songwriter, pianist, and musical educator is emerging from the cocoon of the classical world to reach diverse audiences with her unique story and sound.
Taking inspiration from such distinctive artists as Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, and Nina Simone, Natalia blends her most powerful influences to create a new fusion of sound and soul. She delivers a bold take on the familiar sounds of classical, jazz, the standards, and Greek folk music.
Her debut album Life, released to iTunes in December of 2011, is full of soul-tinged songs that are set to resonate with all who hear them.Produced by Juno award winning engineer, Rob Shallcross, the album contains a variety of sounds, instruments, and guest vocals. Anchored together by her incredible voice and impressive piano skills, Natalia takes the listeners on a personal exploration of her life throughout the past 10 years.
Already having achieved a Bachelor of Arts with a major in music, Natalia is currently working towards a Bachelor of Performing Arts and a Teacher’s ARCT RCM.Being a graduate of grade 10 piano, a Kelly Kirby kindergarten teacher, participant in The Chamber Choir and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and a piano accredited Suzuki teacher, Natalia lends her experience and musical talents to aspiring artists as a piano and voice instructor. She has studied with such teachers as Ron Moir, Ay Lang Wang, Sandra Friesen, Susan Klukas, Susan Olsen, Chad Louwerse, Caroline Harder, Ingrid Suderman, Dee Daniels, and international opera singer Joseph Store.