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Katya Pine

North Surrey BC | V3V 5L2

About me

A published composer/arranger, Katya Pine has composed music for production studios, independent films, documentaries, television, live musical theatre, opera and the concert stage. In addition to her own writing, Katya offers online piano and composition lessons from her virtual, North Surrey, B.C. based studio. Her diverse musical writing and performing styles include: classical, contemporary, popular, jazz, and ethnic/world-music. A recipient of the prestigious Floyd Chalmers award, Katya received a composition degree from the University of Toronto, with postgraduate studies in London, England. Katya is a member of the Association of Canadian Women Composers, the Screen Composers Guild of Canada, the B.C. Registered Music Teachers Association and SOCAN.

Katya Pine's greatest teaching inspiration is to nurture and foster the love of music in her students. Many students continue to write testimonials of Katya's success in making music a vital part of their lives. Please see Katya's website for more details.

Katya's teaching philosophy is that music is music! It's not about one style being more valid than another but instead inclusive of all styles. And most importantly music is fun!


Being a published composer, Katya Pine specializes in musical composition in all styles from songwriting, to full-scale orchestral. Her music studio is a state-of-the art opportunity for creative exploration.

Katya also encourages her students to participate in musical composition competitions. Having recently relocated from Ontario to B.C., Katya is proud to mention that her composition students were frequent winners in the ORMTA and CFMTA composition competitions. Using virtual programs such as Logic, Sibelius, ProTools, and more, each student experiments and explores avenues to find their own unique creative voice. If you are someone looking to find your creative musical expression, Katya would be happy to assist you!

Katya Pine also works with intermediate to advanced piano students who are interested in exploring all styles of playing: from RCM classical to improvisation in jazz and popular styles, to learning about chording, reading lead-sheets, and current popular music, Katya is happy to expand and encourage each student to find their own passionate musical expression! Connect online to play for serious study or purely for the love of it!

Katya is a qualified Theory and Harmony instructor and also teaches Sight Singing and Ear Training to Vocalists of all levels.

Lesson details

Katya Pine interviews each student to learn about what music excites him/her. This becomes the launching point of their education: learning about their most-loved music and understanding it in all its forms. Each student receives a customized lesson tailored to their musical tastes. Most importantly the theory behind all musical styles is learned and understood. This is integrated into the learning process and is applied as relevant.

Katya's lessons are completely organic. They are not structured to any specific formula but instead move with the talents, interests, abilities, and specifically chosen music for each student she works with.

We are a great match if you are someone who:

• Loves music and you want to create your own
• Used to love music and you want to love it again
• Wants to understand music to use those understandings as models for your own creations
• Wants to enhance and invigorate your current musical education
• Is passionate about song-writing, orchestral writing, arranging of any kind
• Is any age, and excited about igniting your own creativity
• Has a workable musical background i.e. can read music even at an early intermediate level
• Is interested in many musical styles and wants to explore them
• Would like to pursue composing with the use of musical software
• Is already writing your own music, but you want to take it to the next level
• Would like to perform music of many different styles
• Would like to learn to improvise
• Wants to have fun in the learning process!

Education and Accreditation

Katya received her Composition Degree (Bachelor of Arts) at the University of Toronto. She then went to continue her post-graduate studies in London, England with the late composer, Charles Camilleri. Later she attended Calgary's Mount Royal University to study Jazz and Contemporary Music. Katya continues to expand her professional work by attending Film Composing Workshops, Orchestral workshops, Audio Engineering seminars and other relevant professional training.

With more than 40 years of teaching experience, Katya has added another aspect to her career. She is also a Creative Life Coach. Visit for more information.


Katya was our son’s Piano teacher from grade 4 to grade 12 . Katya is a highly talented musician and teacher, not...

Katya has been teaching my daughter, Amy, how to compose, how to orchestrate and how to utilize recording studio...

Katya is the best teacher I've ever had. She is patient and encouraging. She understands the needs of learners...


more than 20 years


$60 & up


Tuesday 3pm - 9pm
Wednesday 3pm - 9pm
Thursday 3pm - 9pm

Teaching location

Teachers Studio


Chamber Music
Childrens Music
Latin Rhythm
Rhythm and Blues


Bastien Method
Canada Conservatory
Faber and Faber
Royal Conservatory of Music
Rote Method

Instruments and Subjects

theory – harmony
theory – rudiments

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Type of students

Young Adults