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For Parents

Music and Your Child

Music is central to our lives. We don’t stop to realize how much it permeates everything we do. But think about it. From a very young age, music touches our lives. Think of the lullabies you play or sing to your baby. They mark their first steps on a lifetime journey of musical enjoyment and expression.

Making a conscious decision to expose your child to piano playing is a good one. Children are ready to learn a lot earlier than we think. The piano is a terrific instrument that will challenge and reward your children throughout their lives

The Benefits Are Clear

Learning to play the piano is a journey wonderfully creative journey that provides physical and mental skills development as well as being just plain fun.

Many studies show that piano improves cognitive abilities, stabilizes moods, heightens awareness of ones environment, improves social skills, promotes discipline, and gives children clear evidence of the rewards of hard work. It’s been proven that kids who play the piano do better at school and more often go to college. In addition, playing improves eye-hand coordination and fine tunes motor skills.

Just listening to piano music in the home can bring joy and add dimension to child's family life. These benefits are enjoyed over and over again as the piano is played and the music heard.

How to Encourage Your Child

The best way to encourage your child to take in interest in piano is expose them to piano playing. Teach them about the different styles of pianos and piano music. Take them to recitals and musical events. Listen to CDs together and comment on the music.

Talk to your child asking them what they link and why. Get them involved. Engage with them on their terms, and when they are old enough, introduce the idea of learning to play the piano. By providing the right guidance and help, you can start your child on a lifetime of enjoyment.

We're here to help. If you have questions or would like to talk informally about piano playing in your home, please call us. We will be delighted to speak with you.