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Craig Addy brings 'spontaneous compositions' to the Silk Purse Gallery

Spontaneous composition of the classical variety—this is what pianist Craig Addy will be bringing to the Silk Purse Gallery (1570 Argyle Avenue) this Thursday, March 26th at 10:30 am.

“I call it spontaneous composition rather than improvising because there isn’t really anything that’s pre-set—no chords, no tune,” says Addy. “I just start playing and what emerges is what emerges.”

Addy has been delighting audiences with this type of performance for going on six years and says it’s a style of performance that developed over time. “I would throw in a composition here and there during my classical performances almost as a novelty. But the response from the audience was always so amazing that I started to do it more and more. And now I’ve been doing it for about six years.”

Addy will be performing this Thursday on a Mason & Hamlin Concert Grand. “There’s a lot about this piano that I love—the bass is in particular quite lovely.”

It is best to get your tickets for this show quickly as the Silk Purse’s concert series usually sells out.

If the show is sold out it is also possible to see Addy perform his ‘spontaneous compositions’ as part of a musical duo at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church. For more information, visit

To purchase tickets, visit: