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Teacher Code of Ethics


 By adhering to a strict code of ethics we can ensure that everyone receives the best from our organisation.

 The member shall, at all times, conduct its relationships with STUDENTS AND TEACHERS in a professional manner, shall treat each student with dignity and respect, without discrimination of any kind and shall be responsible for the harmonious upkeep of these relationships to the best of its abilities.

 The member shall, in all cases, respect the personal integrity and privacy of STUDENTS AND TEACHERS and related data in all respects unless the law requires disclosure.

 The member shall clearly communicate the expectations of its STUDENTS AND TEACHERS and shall seek understanding from all parties to the clarity of STUDENTS AND TEACHERS understanding before a relationship is established.

 The member shall encourage, promote, guide and develop the musical potential of each STUDENT and the continuing professional development of each TEACHER.

 The member shall respect the STUDENT has the right to obtain instruction from the teacher of their choice and will remain impartial in the decision, acting only as a guiding body.

 STUDENTS AND TEACHERS shall respect the reputation of The Piano Teachers federation, its aims, objectives, values and mission, and shall, under any circumstances, refrain from making false or malicious statements.

 STUDENTS AND TEACHERS should not disclose sensitive information about colleagues obtained in the course of giving or receiving professional services to each other or the Piano Teachers Federation, unless disclosure serves a compelling professional purpose or is required by law.

 STUDENTS AND TEACHERS should seek advice and guidance from the Piano Teachers federation if they feel professionally or personally compromised by an individual or group or individuals they have come into contact with through establishing a relationship with the Piano Teachers federation.

 TEACHERS should not use association with the Piano Teachers federation as an opportunity to directly or indirectly solicit students from another studio.

 THE Piano Teachers federation and affiliated TEACHERS will measure success by the progress of each student toward realization of his or her personal potential. 

THE Piano Teachers federation accords just and equitable treatment to all STUDENT and TEACHERS without prejudice.

 The Piano Teachers federation will not tolerate discrimination on any basis and will remove without recompense and TEACHER or STUDENT found to be indulging in any discriminatory acts in relation to their relationship with the Piano Teachers federation.

 THE Piano Teachers federation demands and expects all those affiliated with it to be respectful of each other and themselves. 

The Piano Teachers federation, its STUDENT and TEACHERS strive to promote the positive position of piano playing and music in general in society and will be seen as a bastion of excellence.

I understand that violations of the Ethics Code may result in full or partial forfeiture of my membership. 

I further understand that lack of awareness or a misunderstanding of an ethical standard on my part is not a defense to a charge of unethical conduct.