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Benefits of Playing the Piano

By Mayene Grim

Playing the Piano is not just for entertainment, of expressions of emotions, it does a lot of health wonders to our body, especially to our brain. Studies shows that learning to play the piano is a best way to fight back stress, stimulate the mind, enhance coordination, and promote an overall sense of well being.

Playing the Piano is really a difficult task, but willingness and eagerness to learn will make it easy. Learning to play a piano is quite frustrating at first but there is really something appealing about playing the piano, we are immediately captivated to its familiar sound.there are many career opportunities for professional piano players, In fact being a piano player is a highly respected job and can earn beau coup money.

Not only are there positions in orchestra, also studio musician, television musician, sound track musician, piano bars, high class hotels, and casinos are paying top dollars for good piano players. It just shows that intense interest becomes a pianist is like investing for a good future, for the limits are indeed endless.

Many parent thought that enrolling their child in sports is a good way to condition their child, physically and socially but an increasing amount of parents realizes that enrolling their children in music classes brings countless benefits to children. Recent Research supports findings that music may be linked to higher brain function in learning.

Pediatric research has found evidence that a child who learns to play the piano develop coordination, specifically hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Hand and eye coordination helps sharpen the nervous system, and will keep their brains developing.

Concentration can help kids learn the piano effectively. Once they are taught to focus in their piano lessons they will able to get the technique right and would be able to learn it in a fast pace. Kids also needs motivation and support from their parents. They need to be praised from time to time so they will be more eager to play the piano.

Playing the piano also boost self esteem of the child, every performance they will give is a product of hours of hard work and patience and each recital is corresponding to a sports championship. If children will take piano lesson seriously, surely their recital will take to a greater significance, and it can lead to a life-long career in professional music. A healthy life and a bright future in the field of music are waiting for if we just have this enormous interest in playing the piano.