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Alison Maira

North Vancouver BC | V5K3E5

About me

Based in the rain-soaked leafy green city of Vancouver, I am a piano player who teaches music, writes songs, and plays in bands.

Now into my second decade of teaching piano and music theory to a wonderful group of students, I have come to believe that music study is not a luxury but a necessity, something we all need to help us learn about beauty, expression, history, cultures around the world, and what we are really capable of through hard work and dedication. Music lessons are an amazing gift to give your children...or dare I say, yourself. My youngest student is 5, my oldest is 81. About a third of my teaching practice consists of adult beginner students. No matter what age you are, it is never ever too late to start.
I guess what keeps me teaching and motivated to keep showing up at my student's doors week after week is watching people grow. Sitting beside someone and seeing them master what was impossible last week, being there as a person becomes more skilled, more intelligent, and more confident before my very eyes is energizing and fascinating. And besides all that, there's this beautiful side effect of making music - wonderful (and sometimes weird) sounds that spill out of the piano as we work together to figure out the next riddle, solve the next puzzle, and understand the next level in whatever piece of music is currently on our plate in a limitless universe of music.


Something that sets me apart from many other piano teachers is that I consider myself a teacher of all musics, applied through the context of piano. I love the piano and I do not believe that one kind of piano music is superior to another. Most outright rejection of various musics comes from a lack of knowledge or experience with it. I ensure my students are exposed to other genres other than their preference, to help broaden their horizons. And I try to impress upon them that music is a vast, deep topic, an entire world unto itself that they can explore for their whole life long and never understand it all. It's the journey of discovery that makes music study so fascinating for so many. I teach transcription (learning songs by ear and writing down the notes to make your own arrangement), traditional music notation, as well as basic improvisation and compositional techniques.

Lesson details

I graduated from Capliano University (North Vancouver, B.C.) with a Bachelor Of Music Degree in Jazz Studies, Education Major, Piano Concentration. I have 12 years of teaching experience, references available. I provide piano and music theory lessons in your home. In-home lessons also allow parents of school age students to easily observe lessons, which enables them to better help their child with piano practice between lessons. I teach students of all ages 7 and up and I specialize in teaching adult beginners.
My Teaching Philosophy:
I insist on a solid musical foundation for all my students. Each student studies from a series of method books that emphasize note-reading, music theory, proper technique and exposure to a variety of musical styles. Some students are interested in composition, improvisation, and transcription. They study these topics with me in addition to their basic method books.
Every student is encouraged to choose their own repertoire to study. As soon as the student is able to read very basic music notation, they can choose songs they’d like to learn from songbooks at an appropriate level.

Education and Accreditation

Diploma in Professional Music, Performance Major. Selkirk College, Nelson B.C.
Diploma in Jazz Studies, Capilano University, North Vancouver, B.C.
Bachelor Of Music Degree in Jazz Studies, Education Major. Capilano University North Vancouver, B.C.
Member of BCMEA British Columbia Music Educator's Association
Member of CMEA Canadian Music Educator's Association


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more than 10 years


$40 - $49


I teach piano part time while pursuing graduate studies in Education and Psychology at SFU. Currently fully booked but I maintain a waitlist.

Teaching location

Students Home


Childrens Music
Country / Western


Alfred Method
Faber and Faber
Music for Young Children®
Royal Conservatory of Music

Instruments and Subjects

theory – analysis
theory – harmony
theory – music history
theory – rudiments

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Type of students

Young Adults