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About Us

Matching Students and Teachers Is Key to Success


Our core mission is to match piano students and teachers. A good match helps ensure the longevity of the teaching experience and the proper skill development of the student. Whether student or teacher, your success depends on finding the right counterpart, which can be difficult.

Traditionally, students and teachers alike have relied largely on word-of-mouth to find each other.

As a result, teacher selection appears limited to students, although there are many qualified and professional teachers available to them. At the same time, teachers seeking to establish and maintain their practices often struggle; while highly trained in their art, professional piano teachers are generally not well trained in marketing.

For the student, finding a good teacher—let alone a good match—can be luck-of-the-draw. For the teacher, making a living with their passion seems daunting.

The Piano Teachers Federation (PTF) eliminates the guesswork by providing teachers with an effective means of marketing their services. In turn, students can easily find teachers who match their criteria using search feature found on this website.

To find out more, visit the For Students page or the For Teachers page, whichever interests you. Or call 604-732-8836 to speak with one of our directors.


Our Plans and Goals

All great endeavors have a starting point. Ours is now!

The PTF is the brainchild of Sean Pacey who founded it in late 2009 and is provided as a free service sponsored by Pacey's Pianos. The PTF began its initial teacher membership drive in early 2010.

 We have completed our initial membership drive and we have successfully planed and executed multiple marketing and community outreach programs. We are the online resource for piano teachers and their students, and we promote piano music and playing worldwide.

Advisory Board

The Piano Teachers Federation relies upon leaders of the Music Community who volunteer, guide and support our programs by participating as a member of our Advisory Board.  Members share their professional and personal expertise to ensure that our programs will continue to successfully provide top-quality services.

Want More Information?

Teachers: If you're interested in learning more about how the PTF can help you build and maintain a professional practice, visit the For Teachers page or call 604-732-8836. Membership is free.

Students: We understand that learning to play the piano is a highly personal journey, so we offer students our guidance and support free-of-charge. Please give us a call at 604-732-8836 or to visit the For Students page to check out the many resource on this site.


Interested in Supporting the PTF?

Your support of the PTF is always welcome. If you are interested in making a donation, you can find out more by clicking on Donations here or in the main menu above.