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University of Waterloo School of Music

We are the Music Department at the University of Waterloo.
Conrad Grebel University College has been responsible for offering courses and extra-curricular programmes in Music to the wider university since the 1960’s. Approval of the B.A. programmes in Music was given in 1974. Since that time, hundreds of students have graduated from the University of Waterloo with degrees in Music.

Who Are UW Music Students?
The UW Music Department includes a wide range of students. Some students choose to major or minor in music. At present, we have approximately 40 majors and 60 minors in the department. Other students choose to take only a few music courses or perhaps participate in an ensemble during one or more terms. Music students here are generally interested both in making music and in asking questions about music’s relevance to society. Many of our music majors have gone on to teacher training, pursued graduate school, worked as private music teachers, or became performers and composers. Still others have found work in the music industry in the areas of software development and recording technology.

140 Westmount Rd. N
N2L 3G6

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