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Tammy Brown

Abbotsford BC | V2S 5P1

About me

I grew up in Kamloops B.C. and began taking formal music lessons when I was 6 years old however music was in my bones from the time I was an infant. It was not uncommon for my extended family to gather at my Grandparents home and have a jam session. Many of my family members including my father played the guitar, banjo, violin, harmonica, organ, accordion and piano. I could always be found plunking around on my Grandma's old upright piano. I entered many festivals after starting lessons and quickly found my self winning many awards and advancing rapidly through the levels. I began writing music at the age of 10 and by 12 was recruited by the Yamaha music foundation as a teacher. Because of my young age and the extensive training to be done in Ontario, my parents would not allow me to follow through with this endeavor until I was 15. At this time I began my teacher training for various Yamaha programs and taught hundreds of students of all ages. I continued teaching these programs when I moved to Abbotsford in August of 1988. Since then I have taught numerous other programs through out the years and am a certified RCM Elementary Piano Specialist Teacher, an Early Childhood Education Assistant and Music for Young Children Teacher. I believe there is no better program out there for children because of its child centered approach. Not only is it a well rounded music program, but it's fun AND it engages children through ALL their learning styles.


RCM Elementary Piano
MYC group classes
Improvisation, Composing and Beginner Jazz
Preschool Music Classes

Lesson details

Music for young children is a group program that incorporates singing, keyboard skills, theory, movement, rhythm ensembles and composing. Graduates complete RCM level 1 and continue in private piano classes. Private piano will involve RCM as well as other genre's including improvisation, composing and beginner Jazz.

Education and Accreditation

RCM Elementary Piano Specialist Certificate
Early Childhood Education Assistant Licsence
MYC Teacher Certificate
TMA Teacher Certificate
Yamaha Teacher Certificate is Piano, Organ, Keyboard and Junior Music Courses


I would highly recommend anyone with children to sign-up for MYC with Tammy. As a trained musician myself, I am...


more than 20 years


$40 - $49


Monday 10:30am - 8:30pm
Tuesday 10:30am - 8:30pm

Teaching location

Teachers Studio


Childrens Music


Alfred Method
Bastien Method
Faber and Faber
Music for Young Children®
Royal Conservatory of Music
Music Pups®
Yamaha Method

Instruments and Subjects

theory – rudiments

Levels taught


Type of students




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