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Tami Rizzo

Vancouver BC | V6S 1G5

About me

My goal is to find in each student a musical interest, to give them the skills to develop it, and the opportunity to explore and express it in a sharing and caring environment. I see music as a longterm, and lifelong investment with time being the most important ingredient.

I have witnessed how the discipline, focus and work ethic required of young musicians builds confident and successful individuals. These transferable skills are required for success in all disciplines and provide a solid foundation in which life‐long learning can flourish.

The social camaraderie that comes with making music within solo and group settings, allows individuals to communicate and connect with others in a unique way. In our world of such cultural diversity, music provides a conduit for such connections.

I invite students of all ages to become active participants in their learning journey and I look forward to working with diverse and inquiring minds.

Lesson details

My main objective with any student is to get them interested in their learning. The amount of time spent at their instrument is paramount to them developing a relationship with their instrument and daily practice is essential.

I aim to develop a well‐rounded musician. I believe in providing each student with a solid music foundation and therefore my lessons are traditional and classically based. Each lesson includes technique, ear training, sight‐reading, music theory, listening, and learning of new repertoire etc. however, my approach to learning these skills breaks the conventional norms. For instance, rhythm might be approached through movement and body percussion and the use of other instruments. I encourage students to become acquainted with their voice and use it as tool in helping to decide how they want to shape a melodic line. In developing the ear, we might sing a favorite melody, find that melody on the keyboard, and then add the harmonic accompaniment to develop the piece etc. All musical genres are explored and experienced on some level. The possibilities are endless.

Lesson length is no less than 45 minutes once a week. I use varied assortment of books depending the student’s interests. I encourage families to attend concerts and often organize special musical outings with my students so we can share the experience together. The idea of being part of a musical community is important and I want students to be aware of how music can be experienced and enjoyed both inside and outside the home.

Education and Accreditation

I have taught piano/music theory privately for many years in the Coquitlam and Greater Vancouver region and hold Music and Education degrees. I have completed both ARCT and AVCM diplomas from the Toronto and Victoria Conservatories of Music, and I am familiar with the Orff process as well as the Suzuki method, and Kelly Kirby Kindergarten.

With the deterioration of funding for the arts and the cutbacks to music and arts education in general, I now dedicate a portion of my time to restoring and keeping music alive in the education system. For the past few years I have run the music program at Choice School for Gifted Children. I also teach music for the North Vancouver and Langley School Districts. I enjoy adjudicating at festivals and preparing students for festivals, master classes, and a variety of music opportunities.

I am part of a piano/guitar ensemble “Dúo Vivanco” and perform regularly. I have an interest in early music and a passion for Latin American music and dance. My own musical journey has taken me all over the world and I have had the good fortune of befriending mentors that continue to inspire me today. The list of these wonderful teachers and performers include Beatrice Chapman, Edward Parker, Maureen Hollins, Winifred Scott Wood, Miranda Wong, Doreen Oke and Linda Lee Thomas. The combination of hard work, an inquiring mind, passion, and mentorship have provided me with a depth and richness in my life that I hope to share with others.



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