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Sharon Lauze

Cloverdale BC | V3S 1H3

About me

I first discovered Music For Young Children when I was looking for a music program for my son. After experiencing Sunshine One with him, I knew this was the program for me both as a parent and a teacher.

I've spent most of my adult life as a professional musician and teacher. I have to say I love teaching MYC!

My goal is to provide music education for your child in a comfortable and fun environment, and boy do we have some fun!

Having the parents in the class with the children is great. Many of them learn to play right along with their kids and I see so many of them loving this time, doing something special with their child. One of my mom's says "It's like our daughter and my husband speak their own language when they do practicing together. It's so great to watch!"

When I'm not teaching I sing in a vocal ensemble and play the piano am the music director for a local church. I've also directed choirs of all ages for many years. Music is a gift and a joy in my life that I want to pass on to you and your children.

Kids love music, and learning in a group with others their own age makes it all the more fun.

Lesson details


Please arrive on time, I will begin on time whether or not all class members are present. If your child will be missing a class please let me know. I will e-mail the homework to you it is your responsibility to make sure your child keeps up. If you don't understand something or your child is struggling, please talk to me so I can spend some extra time and help them out.


Regular practice is required in order to be successful in music. I ask for 5 days of practice a week. Less than this and your child will fall behind. At the beginning you will need to sit with your child so they can establish a good habit. Even if you know nothing about music, all you have to do is find the page number and be encouraging. As the year progresses, you will be able to distance yourself from practice, but little ones need and really love your approval and help.


There are 2 recitals per year. A low key one is held around the beginning of February and then the larger year end recital in June. All students are encouraged to participate. Recitals are a valuable learning experience, not to mention a fabulous "photo opportunity"!

Education and Accreditation

I've spent most of my adult life as a professional musician and teacher. I have to say I love teaching MYC!



more than 5 years


$39 & under


Please contact Teacher Sharon for availability.

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