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Safety Resources


Your safety is important. The Piano Teachers Federation makes every effort to contact all of our teachers,  we do not vet, verify,  or perform background checks on teachers or on students.

Here are some helpful tips.

1.       Do not post anything online, at our site or any other that you would not want the world to view.

2.       Consider using a second phone line and do not divulge any information about who you are, where you live, and your living status.

3.       Speak with the client on the phone first, do your best to assess them and get a feel for them.

4.       When meeting a new customer, make sure someone is with you even if the client is a child, or a child with a parent. It could be a rouse.  

5.       Make sure people know where you are going, whom you are seeing, and what time to expect a call when the lesson is over. Make sure you call to confirm you are okay.

6.       Take a cellular phone and know your emergency number.

7.       Consider bringing a friend, at least to the first lesson.

8.       Do not tolerate any form of sexual harassment, disrespectful remarks, prejudice, or even rudeness.  

9.       Go with your gut. If you feel uncomfortable, excuse yourself and leave. Do not feel obligated or pressured to stay and complete the lesson. If necessary, pay, and go. Your safety is worth much more than the cost of a lesson.

Visit and for other helpful information on internet safety.