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Morton Estrin

Long Island NY | 11801

About me

Morton Estrin has always enjoyed a dual career as both performer and teacher. As the latter, he has been since 1958, a Professor of Piano and Theory at Hofstra University (Long Island, New York), as well as having maintained a highly successful private teaching practice at his studio in Hicksville, New York (from 1942). Over the years, he has numbered his students in the hundreds. Among them are many who have gone on to successful musical careers of their own; pianist Jeffrey Biegel; pianist/teacher Lawrence Schubert; renowned assistant conductor and prompter at the Metropolitan Opera, Joan Dornemann; John Mauceri, conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra; Seth Carlin, artist-in-residence at Washington University in St. Louis; Mo., John Strauss, head of the Piano Department at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa; young singer, pianist, producer and composer, Annie Pasqua; young composer William Reed, and perhaps best known of all, Billy Joel and Deborah Gibson, whose early training they owe to Morton Estrin. Included in this impressive roster, are his own children, performers and teachers in their own right, pianist/composer Coren Estrin Mino, and pianist/composer/horn player, Robert Estrin.

Lesson details

"Talent Deserves Fine Training"

Proper early piano training can foster a lifelong love and appreciation of music, provide the discipline necessary for success in many other fields of study, and can add a significant element of accomplishment for candidate applying to fine universities.

Welcome to my Hicksville, New York studio! I invite you to audition free of charge.
Prospective students for classical piano training who show interest and are willing to practice, are welcome at all levels; children from seven years of age through high school; college students to mature adults, professionals who want to perfect their skills.

Morton Estrin has been on the faculty of the Music Department at Hofstra University for many years, as well as maintaining a most successful private teaching practice. Over the years he has had many well-known names in his student roster; among them the great Billy Joel, singer/songwriter and Broadway star, Deborah Gibson (yes, the real ones), pianist Jeffrey Biegel; pianist/teacher Lawrence Schubert, Joan Dornemann, renowned assistant conductor and promptor at the Metropolitan Opera; John Mauceri, conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Symphony, Seth Carlin, artist-in-residence at Washington University in St. Louis; John Strauss, head of the piano department at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa; Annie Pasqua, producer and composer, young composer William Reed, and last but not least, his own son and daughter; performers and teachers in their own right, pianist Coren Estrin Mino, and pianist, composer, and horn player Robert Estrin.

Education and Accreditation

The noted American pianist and teacher, Morton Estrin, began his earliest training at the age of 8 at the Mt. St. Mary’s Academy in Burlington, Vermont. He became widely known as a young performer on stage and radio, including appearances on the Major Bowes’ Amateur Hour. After the age of 14 he resided in Brooklyn, New York. He studied at the School of Education, New York University from 1942 to 1944 and at the Juilliard Graduate School in 1945. He studied first with Yetta-Posnak-Wendt, and later privately with Vera Maurina-Press, who became his principal teacher (1941-1949). Mme. Press instilled in him the Russian tradition, having herself studied at the Imperial Conservatory of Moscow under Ferruccio Busoni and Emil von Sauer. Estrin is proud to trace his musical lineage from Mme. Press back to Emil von Sauer, to Franz Liszt, to Carl Czerny, to Ludwig Van Beethoven, and finally to Franz Josef Haydn!



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$50 - $59


Monday 9am - 9pm
Tuesday 9am - 9pm
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Friday 9am - 9pm
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