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Lia Dvir

New Westminster BC | V3L 3C8

About me

Ms. Lia Dvir is a cirtified music teacher. She holds a teaching degree from the university of music in the former USSR 1985. Lia Dvir is a performing artist in both solo and duo recitals. She has participated in provincial festivals for the past 2 decades. Lia has conducted chamber choirs and has a variety of musical and cultural backrounds including; Georgia, Israel, Netherlands, Luxembourg and currently Canada. Since her arrival in Canada 15 years ago she has been teaching and directing recitals for successful students; both solo and duo from the early stages to advanced. Lia Dvir offers a supportive learing environment through giving constant encouragement to her students and is dedicated to fostering musical talent.


Each student is unique and has seperate habits, character,talent, ego or love to music, I happened to have wide range of students from all over the world, experience for teacher is strongest tool for successful results that my student achieving practicing with me. lessons should be consistent and bases how mach work student Dan for upcoming lesson,I offer supportive learning environment by giving constant encouragement to my students.lesson followed with practical and technical program for fingers to develop technique that encompasses skills for playing repertoire in deserved manner, to be able to play with character, nuances,tonne and express composers idea in pieces, also gain knowledge , discipline, confidence and right habits to have better understand art of playing and performing.

Lesson details

Lesson lights 30,45 0R 60 Min per week./optional
beginner to advanced.
RCM Exam preparation/ optional
Repertoire, Technical Requirements, skills in Theory and Rudiments,Ear Training,Sight Reading.

Education and Accreditation

education and Accreditation: Ms. Lia Dvir holds BM, BA,In Piano,organ, Choir conductor,Theory/Harmony/Mus.Literature.
Diploma in Artistry for Stage,Film,TV.


Lia is an extrememly hard worker with the perseverace required to get the job done with enthusiasm, class and...

I have known Lia Dvir for the fourth year and I have grown to know Lia through her generosity and class. She has...


more than 20 years


$40 - $49


Monday 9am - 9pm
Tuesday 9am - 9pm
Wednesday 9am - 9pm
Thursday 9am - 3pm
Friday 4pm - 9pm
Saturday 4pm -9pm

Teaching location

Teachers Studio




BC Conservatory of Music
Bastien Method
Canada Conservatory
Faber and Faber
London College of Music
Royal Conservatory of Music

Instruments and Subjects

theory – rudiments

Levels taught


Type of students

Young Adults



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