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International Young Musicians Festival New York

International Young Musicians Festival is put on annually by the American Association for Development of the Gifted and Talented (AADGT) and is acclaimed internationally as an entree into the world of classical performance. Several Canadians have competed and done well including some from Vancouver in recent years. The annual event is held at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York, and the premier concert is quite appropriately called "Passion of Music" which receives extensive media coverage the US and Canada.

The festival offers and outstanding opportunity for young and aspiring musicians to meet and play with high calibre peers from around the world. The media exposure brings outstanding young artists to the attention of the world and have an opportunity to start making a name for themselves. Special prizes are awarded to top competitors and include scholarships to prestigious European festivals in Germany and Luxembourg.

Whether the students are pursuing a career in performance, are seeking advanced study, or are pushing their own limits for self-development, the International Young Musicians Festival is an impressive accomplishment to even be accepted to compete, a powerful learning experience, and a statement of talent and hard work for those who place. Applications must be in by January 15th and contestants will be notified by February 1st.

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