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Evelyn Czaja

Weymouth MA | 02191

About me

I am primarily a voice teacher but since piano was my minor in college, I chose to teach it as well, and have been teaching piano for 21 years. I work with basic beginners, of all ages. Besides vocal performance I have also engaged in piano performance, including accompanying my voice students for recitals. I also did a jazz gig for a short time at a local French restaurant. And within the past 12 years, I've taken up organ as well. I play organ mostly for weddings at my church, which is Greek Orthodox. I love playing piano, especially Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin, and the beautiful Orthodox hymns of my church. I also love watching my students progress and prepare a piece of music for recital performance. I love meeting other teachers and sharing ideas as well. A musical life is one of lifelong learning. I love music and can't live without it! Anyone who studies with me quickly knows that! I love to perform and teach.


Beginning to intermediate piano.
I am BIG on basics: Music theory, excellent note reading, interpretation of piano literature no matter how simple or advanced.
I am my best at classical literature but also like to teach selections from musicals and some popular music.

Lesson details

Every lesson starts with some personal chit-chat. I ask about the student's week, how school is going, or if an adult how work is going, and also inquire about their piano practice for the past week.
Next we proceed to exercises...a must! I tend to stay on the same exercises from week to week a bit longer than the actual literature because the student needs to just get more and more used to the piano itself. You can't say enough about "drilling" the hands and fingers playing and just embracing the instrument to get "command" of it even at the beginning.
Finally, we get to the literature they were to practice since the previous lesson. We talk about basic playing, and when the piece is in "good shape," how to play more artistically. Many times I'll sing the melody with the student to impress upon them that even though they are not actually singing a piece of piano music, it's still a song that needs to be interpreted.
I write up a weekly sheet of what to practice for the next week and next lesson.
I always use humor in teaching when I can. In fact, some students think I'm crazy (in a nice way). We laugh but we get serious too!

Education and Accreditation

Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance (Dominican University in River Forest, IL...formerly Rosary College)
Master of Arts in Applied Music Pedagogy (Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL)
Piano instructors included Anne Schnoebelen and Mary Almjeld Veverka.
Organ instructor was Dr. G. Fredrick Guzasky.
Member - MTNA (Music Teachers National Assoc.)


My most favorite "testimonial" is when the owner of the studio where I teach said to me "You're...


more than 20 years


$39 & under


Monday 5:30 pm - 7 pm
Tuesday 5:30 pm - 7 pm
Wednesday 5:30 pm - 7 pm
Thursday 5:30 pm - 7 pm
Friday N/A - N/A
Saturday 10 am - 1 pm
Sunday N/A - N/A

Teaching location

Teachers Studio


Childrens Music


Alfred Method
Bastien Method
Faber and Faber
Thompson Method

Instruments and Subjects

theory – harmony
theory – music history
theory – rudiments

Levels taught


Type of students

Young Adults



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