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Dale Johnson

Lower Burrell PA | 15068

About me

Taught public school music for 30 years.
Taught piano and organ for for 57 years.
Have been a church organist for 70 years. I have played for dinner music, weddings, roller skating rink, square dances, fashion shows, funeral home, and Shriners concerts and play the piano on their parade float.
I enjoy performing and teaching music and working with students, and believe that learning to read music will enable the student to play with other musicians and enjoy music as much as I have. I try to put myself in the student's place to think as he/she does and help them understand and perform the music.

Lesson details

A typical lesson starts with scales to warm up the fingers and lay the foundation for theory and harmony. I check the theory and harmony workbook. Then I listen to the student perform the lesson the way he/she practiced it at home. Next, we will work through the lesson, correcting and drilling as needed. I listen again to either approve the performance or determine the best plan of action for next week's assignment. That is a summary, but other things may be involved such as my playing along with the student and I playing different hands, my performing the piece after the student has worked out the rhythms for themselves to avoid rote-only learning so the concept of the piece is clearer. The metronome is sometimes used etc. Finally, the lesson ends with student questions and making the next lesson's assignment.

Education and Accreditation

Bachelor of Science in Music Education - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Master of Science in Music Education - Indiana University of Pennsylvania



more than 20 years


$39 & under


Monday 9am - 9pm
Tuesday 9am - 9pm
Wednesday 9am - 9pm
Thursday 9am - 9pm
Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday N/A - N/A
Sunday N/A - N/A

Teaching location

Teachers Studio




Thompson Method

Instruments and Subjects

theory – analysis
theory – harmony
theory – music history

Levels taught


Type of students

Young Adults



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