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College of the North Atlantic

The Music Industry and Performance program is designed
for students who wish to pursue careers as performers
in the music industry. This industry has become increasingly
prominent in recent years as evidenced in a dramatic
increase in the number of successful acts from the Atlantic
Provinces. Events such as the East Coast Music Awards and
the Juno Awards highlight the success of such performers
and demonstrate that the region is generating music that is
gaining worldwide popularity.
The intent of this program is to provide an opportunity
for students whose interests include country, traditional,
fusion, pop, rock, blues, and other genres, to refine their
skills in the company of like-minded students, while gaining
exposure to all aspects of the music industry. Hands-on
experience in the recording studio, scheduled performances
in local venues and extensive exposure to sound, business,
marketing and public relations skills, will enable
students to realistically assess their prospects for success
in a fiercely competitive industry. Indeed, some students
may determine that they may not have what it takes to
succeed as performers but are ideally suited for careers
as agents or managers. In either case, the Music Industry
and Performance program provides the skills which should
ensure success.
It should be noted that the program is not intended for
students seeking a career in the field of classical music.
Universities provide excellent programs for students whose
talents rest in this area, and the college strongly recommends
these programs.
Note: Successful graduates from this program may consider
returning to the college for a third year in which they can
complete the Recording Arts diploma program. This option
allows for the completion of both diploma programs in
three (3) years.
Graduates from this program should not expect to enter
into conventional 9-5 positions with established companies.
The music industry is fuelled by a combination of solid talent
and strong managerial personnel. Graduates can expect
to operate as independent entrepreneurs while potentially
establishing long-term partnerships with recording companies,
distributors, managers, and other key industry
stakeholders. The environment is challenging but there are
plenty of success stories.
1. To provide students with training in the technical and
financial aspects of the music industry, with particular
emphasis on the industry’s complex standard business
2. To provide students with an opportunity to review the
history of music and its evolution into distinct genres.
3. To provide students with an opportunity to refine musical
talent and to demonstrate that talent through scheduled
performances in local venues.
4. To provide students with opportunities for social and
intellectual development in order to meet the challenges
of a demanding industry.

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