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Brigitta Bagoly

Vancouver BC | V5V 3S3

About me

Hello! My name is Brigitta Bagoly and I'd like to welcome you to join me for a fun and amazing way to learn piano! Music for Young Children offers creative, interactive keyboard training, including rhythm, composition, theory, hands on activities and fun group learning!

My musical experience started at a young age in Vancouver with the Royal Conservatory of Music!
I've played in music festivals, concerts and many recitals!


Sunshine 1 (ages 3, 4), (beginner)
Sunshine 2 (children who have completed Sunshine 1)

Sunbeams 1 (ages 5,6), (beginner)
Sunbeams 2 (children who have completed Sunshine 2 or Sunbeams 1)
Sunbeams 3 (children who have completed Sunbeams 2)

Moonbeams 1 (ages 7, 8, 9), (beginner)
Moonbeams 2 (children who have completed Moonbeams 1 or Sunbeams 2)
Moonbeams 3 (children who have completed Moonbeams 2 or Sunbeams 3)

Lesson details

The group lessons for ALL levels of MYC are one hour long, are parent participation, and span over a 10 month period (September through June).
There are 4 to 5 children per class and we integrate keyboard, creative movement, rhythm, singing, ear training, sight reading, music theory and composition.

Education and Accreditation

I have my grade 8 piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music and am presently working towards my grade 9!



$39 & under


Monday N/A - N/A
Tuesday N/A - N/A
Wednesday N/A - N/A
Thursday N/A - N/A
Friday N/A - N/A
Saturday N/A - N/A
Sunday N/A - N/A

Instruments and Subjects


Levels taught


Type of students




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