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Benefits of Piano

There are many benefits to playing the piano. Personal fulfillment, entertainment, social interaction, cognitive improvement, mental and physical therapy, meditation—just to name a few. Piano playing can lift your spirit as soon as you begin to play. It can allow you to express very powerful emotions. It can center you. 

Whether you like upbeat or melancholic music, complex or simple tunes, performing alone or for other people, playing arouses your senses, especially your emotions.

A Michigan State University research project clearly found keyboard lessons significantly reduced anxiety, depression and loneliness.

If you’ve played another instrument in the past, you have a sense of what we're talking about.

Much More Than a Feel Good Tool 

But piano playing has other benefits besides the emotional ones. A recent study at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, showed grade-school children who took piano lessons for three years scored much higher than average on academic tests. Students experienced improved spatial cognition as well as stronger performance in math and engineering.

Similarly, a University of California, Irvine study clearly demonstrated that children who took piano lessons did better in math and computer puzzle-solving exercises.

Music and the Brain 

Through a number of research studies and academic trials, researchers and neuroscientists, studying how the brain works, found neural firing patterns (that is how information is transmitted to and from different parts of the brain) bear a remarkable resemblance to how music is structured.

This suggests that studying music both academically and for pleasure may help us develop higher cognitive functioning let alone understand the brain.

Physical Benefits and Fulfillment

Playing the piano offers physical health benefits too. It strengthens hand-eye coordination and fine tunes motor skills. Often relaxing, playing the piano can reduce stress thereby positively affecting mood and blood pressure.

From learning principles of discipline and dedication to the rewards of hard work, playing the piano simply adds a fulfilling dimension to one's life.

Above all, you’ll have the enviable skill of making beautiful music, which just makes the world a better place.